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    my blackberry had the dreaded 523 app error message and I got it fixed WITHOUT a clean wipe!!!! I am using desktop manager (nov 4 2008 version, came with the phone NOT UPDATED) and this is how it worked for me.

    -Without battey connect the blackberry to the computer
    make sure the computer recoginizes the phone.

    -Disconnect from pc
    -Open desktop manager
    -Install battery and re-connect to computer
    -Wait 5 seconds and run application loader - add/remove apps START
    the JVM appears and seems to hang, and that's fine
    -Then it scoots thru other screens and back to the Connecting to Device and
    usually hangs here as the phone displays the error 523 screen
    At this point it all seems hung up, but there is a trick!
    Wait 10-15 seconds and then unplug the phone from the computer and plug it back in.
    Then this happens:
    -windows bings and bongs as you disconnect and reconnect the phone
    -Desktop Manager pops up with all the apps on your phone!!
    -Check off the apps that are causing the problem, the more the better in my opinion
    -click NEXT and Finish (to start removing the apps)

    Now Desktop Manager goes back to Connecting to Phone and the phone reboots.
    Then Windows does the bing and bonging for the disconnect/reconnect of the phone and the phone starts to reboot!
    It takes a long time because you go through the white screen, but for me after a bit of waiting the phone booted up fine!!! So as long as you removed the app that was the problem you should be set!

    Backup up the phone and you are good to go!!!
    Good luck guys/gals!!!
    10-21-10 07:03 PM