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    Got the reload software 552 screen, used BBSAK to save my apps since DM doesn't. Installed .304 os again and then put apps back in via the BBSAK (had to do them one by one for some reason), went to DM and restored data back to last backup.

    Besides stuff being moved around (no big deal), I had to reload app world. When I signed in app world it said I had only 2 apps in my account. I have about 15 from app world. The apps are on the phone and work, but not in my app world account. It also said those 2 were uninstalled even though the were working fine. I selected reinstall from app world for both and they just reinstalled.

    ALSO, just checked my application folder and it only has the BB core apps and the 2 apps I have in app world. I have about 15 other app world apps and about 10 other apps I got straight from websites and none of them show up in the application folder. They are all on the phone and all work fine.

    I guess I only need them in app world to get updates.

    I use to have 5-10mb after reboot then it would drain down, now I have 28mb and it stays there all day even when I open, close and use apps.

    What did I do wrong or how can I fix it? I didn't realize DM didn't save apps until I went to reload the os, that is when I found BBSAK and saved them that way.

    I also can't find the stock password keeper icon, app that came on the phone.

    Sorry for the long post.
    05-06-10 04:49 PM
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    I found the apps. In options, advanced options, applications, then click menu and select the modules tab and they were there.

    I assume I can just reload the ones available in app world so I know when updates are out there.

    Still no luck on the password keeper app. It has some stuff in it I need so just reinstalling won't work for me.
    05-06-10 08:30 PM