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    Ok - we've all been there. The concept makes sense - sync Facebook with our blackberry calendar and boom - as soon as we accept an invite to a party on facebook it will sync with our calendar. but no.....Facebook sync's everyones birthdays from the girl you used to date in school to duplicated your moms birthday that you should have remember by now. EVEN WHEN YOU DONT CHECK THE CALENDAR BOX! what is up with that! Here's a fix that brings a new meaning to smh

    chances are you've deleted each birthday more than once and had to do it again once you wipe or switched to a new device

    If you dont already use Google Calendar - start using it - you're missing out. It's really indepth and if (god forbit) you leave blackberry - you can instantly sync an iphone or android.

    Heres the process

    1. download google sync (goto your browser and download it on googles mobile site - its not available in app world), open the app, and sync your google calendar.
    2. backup your data (particularly your calendar) to blackberry desktop software.
    3. on your blackberry goto options -> services books -> Facebook [CICAL} and delete it.
    4. still on your blackberry goto options -> default services -> select your gmail 'Calendar (CICAL)' and save.
    5. download facebook and go through process of checking features you do want - messages, notifications, etc bc your still going to want those (and your getting all of your favorite birthdays you dont want anyway - but dont worry...were ready for the b.s. this time around) and save.
    6. wait 20-30 minutes while the facebook app does its thing and adds the birthdays to your calendar your dont want.
    7. once you can see them, connect to your usb and delete all the previous calendar settings.
    8. still within blackberry desktop software, restore just your calendar you saved in step 2.

    now you've got your blackberry calendar (minus the birthday messages that didnt take you an hour to individually delete) and you still get facebook notifications


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    Why would you need Google Calendar to do that?
    I personally have had nothing but trouble from that app.
    07-26-12 07:23 PM
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    Why would you need Google Calendar to do that?
    I personally have had nothing but trouble from that app.
    google calendar is ideal because you can modify, add, and delete contacts from your desktop or laptop and it gets synced when you arent on your blackberry. i personally am about 50 percent on the blackberry / 50 percent on a laptop so this is ideal. whenever i make a change within gmail, my changes are synced up within 24 hours and i dont have to sweat not having the information on the go.

    the google sync app itself has been hit or miss. it was a nightmare on my 8900 probably similar to your experience, but the last couple devices have been overall fairly smooth. i recently went to a 9900 and i havent had an issue since i started that wasnt my own fault
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    RIM Decision to not include Sync-ML capability was lame!!
    I hope BB 10 come with native Sync-ML support.
    07-27-12 01:53 PM
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    The newly released version in Betazone corrects the calendar issue.
    07-27-12 07:47 PM