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    We are very pleased to announce that Devcellent has executed its first corporate deal for Email++ with multinational corporation! And we would like to celebrate this with CrackBerry users by giving you 5 coupons EPP4CORPORATION for Email++ license, which can be redeemed at CrackBerry store.

    In case you are looking to use Email++ for your organizations, you can contact us at support@devcellent.com, and we can arrange free trial and volume discount for you. Your employees can then install Email++ directly from us without manual license validation process, which also includes device swap. Checkout what people are saying about Email++ on AppWorld.
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    04-04-12 10:33 PM
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    Nice deal... congrats!
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    04-04-12 11:29 PM
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    coupon code didn't work.
    04-04-12 11:42 PM
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    coupon code didn't work.
    Note sure how exactly the purchase flow works on CrackBerry store. The coupon code works at the MobiHand store: Email ++ - Productivity BlackBerry Apps

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

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    04-05-12 12:34 AM
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    thanks. that worked.
    04-05-12 10:14 AM