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    Hi all. I am new to the developing side of the blackberry universe, new to any developing universe really but definatley not new to blackberrys.

    I am looking at developing my first app. I have absolutley no idea how to do this. I am techy minded and understand the theory behind it all and the process etc but no idea about the coding. I understand you have to use the JDE etc and have tried to have a little muck around with it but not really getting any where.

    My question to you is, or my favour i should say is would someone be willing to dedicate a little time in helping me with this little project...

    It's going to be a free app so i wont be making money off it but still wouldn't like to reveal what it is until i'm done.

    All i really need is a template which will show a list of names which you can click on then that will open up another list which when you click on those it will open an image that is on a website. I would like the image to open in the app, i have the web address for it. Also on each of those pages i would like a back button which will link it back to the previous menu screen and on the image page a button which will reload the image from the website as it is updated every minute.

    If someone could be so kind enough as to give me a hand with this that would be great. If someone could help me create it just for one link ie one text box on the main screen which links to the next text box which then links to the image im sure i can work out how to copy and paste it to repeat it.

    If anyone is willing to give me hand if you could contact me directly on my email address that would be great. I have attached a really shonky map of how the links would work. Basically i've done it for one link but will just be repeated and the text amended.

    I hope someone is willing to help me.


    03-30-10 07:38 PM
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    I understand you're eager and want to get this beast made.. However it isn't going to happen without a little research and dedication on your end.

    Planning out the idea is one half, getting the other half is learning or dishing out some money to get someone to make it.

    I don't know what the idea is - so I can't comment on how difficult it will be.

    03-31-10 08:47 PM
  3. adam_akkari's Avatar
    I understand that paying someone is normally the way to go but i just thought there might be someone out there willing to give a hand.

    As i said, the app is literally a list of say 6 buttons which will each lead to another separate series of buttons which will then lead to a jpg hosted on a website which i would like to just view in the app.

    Even if someone would be so kind enough as to write one line eg one button on the main screen which leads to another button which then leads to the jpg i would somehow how work out the correct way to copy and repeat the process.

    As its a free app i was just seeing if somehow could help seeing as i am not going to be making money of it. I don't know what price i would offer anyway if i was to pay someone as to me it seems very simple and could take someone with experience less than an hour to do but then again that's just me.

    04-08-10 10:03 AM
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    04-08-10 10:56 AM