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    I did a search before posting this thread but there was only two possibilities. One did not provide an answer and the other... Well it looked like 137 posts of "Shots Fired" back and forth between Cops, Firemen, and Haters. So I will start my own thread. I apologize in advance if someone put something useful on the other thread and I missed it.

    Iphone has a 48/96 schedulinig app that allows brothers to set-up their schedule as well as track O.T. and Shift trades with other Jakes

    Has anything like this been made for Blackberries yet? I found the "Firefighters Calculator" app, but not one for schedulinig etc...

    Thanks in advance,

    05-31-10 07:00 PM
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    Not the answer you are looking for but I did see a few of them at one time. They might have been betas or just crap and disappeared but keep digging

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    05-31-10 07:46 PM
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    05-31-10 07:50 PM
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    I bought calendar pro. you can create your own color coded categories, and even assign an icon to them. When you schedule something, it shows that color bar in the month view. Our dept goes in 12 hour shifts, so I just set a red category for my shifts, and other colors for personal/training stuff. You could set a color for A/B/C shift....It's 5.98 in the crackberry store, and there's a free trial, give it a shot, maybe it will work for you
    05-31-10 10:09 PM
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    Just a bump for more input.

    Be safe Brothers!

    06-10-10 11:48 AM