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    Finally! Attention all Suntrust Bank users, especially if you don't use text messaging. See the link below. After waiting and trying several times over 8 months, I finally talked to a Suntrust Bank mobile banking CSR that actually cared and took the time and initiative to help me get Suntrust's mobile application download link for BlackBerries. I had the application on my older Curve 8330 but couldn't get it for my 9850 when I upgraded back in December of 2011. It should be noted that they have always had it available if delivered by one of those text message codes but I don't use text messaging and was not about to pay VZW a text delivery fee just to get a free application link delivered. Also, this bank was NOT able to simply e-mail the link either, typical bank protocol BS. So, after speaking with this very knowledgeable and patient CSR for about 20 minutes, right before we both gave up, he mentioned a link he found in a search and told me to try it. Well, that was just what I needed and it confirmed my device, downloaded, installed and works fine. However, there are a couple of things to know about the application's home screen.

    I don't know if this has anything to do with the application coding or my current OS which is still VZW OS 7.0 but when you launch the application, whatever orientation your device is in at that time, that's what your stuck with until you close it and relaunch. It would not change orientation during a session. However, if you use their full PC version or their mobile web version on your phone, you CAN change orientation during the session. So, I'm thinking it's the coding in their device application that needs fixing. Also, when the device application launches, it will not allow me to copy & paste into the text box fields with menu commands or when using the touch screen's text selection feature, it will also automatically launch the keyboard once but not again if you close it and then need it again by tapping inside a text field. To launch the keyboard again after its initial auto launch, you have to hit the BlackBerry button to produce a very limited menu. However, when using the full PC version or mobile web version you can copy & paste and the keyboard will launch when you tap inside a text field. Finally, if using the device application, you must use the home page's submit/sign-on button to enter and not the keypad's enter/return key or it will not work. But again, when using the full PC or mobile web version, you can use the screen's submit/sign-on button OR the keypad's enter/return key to enter the sites.

    One other quick note. When you initially enter the suntrust.com address on your mobile device, it will redirect to their m.suntrust.com mobile address because of their browser detector. But if you want to use their full PC site on your mobile device instead, simply click the button that says go to suntrust.com and that will override the redirect and take you to the full PC version. If the PC address isn't saved in your cache or you clear it, to keep it handy you can at least place that address in your favorites to bypass the mobile web version.

    Maybe after a few weeks or months talking about and contemplating the complexity of placing a simple link on their website, their brilliant managment will finally do it. These yahoos should send me a check for all this beta testing.

    If anybody has a Berry with the latest OS, please post your experiences with this application, especially with the screen orientation. Thanks.

    Sunstrust Bank BlackBerry Mobile Application Download Link
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    I'm glad you got this link, as I had trouble trying to get the link sent to me via text even after changing the options so I could receive anonymous texts. Works fine on my Curve 9360.
    08-25-12 10:13 AM