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    These are the best apps that I have installed in my Blackberry OS on March 2018.
    I have tested a good percentage of them on several devices:
    at Blackberry Curve 9320
    at Blackberry Curve 9360
    at Blackberry Bold 9790
    at Blackberry Bold 9900
    at Blackberry 9760

    Most likely, 95% work on all devices.

    They are complete functional telephone at 2018.

    This work is without prejudice to the excellent work that @Shuswap is doing for Blackberry Bold 9900
    And the blog that has this indicating download links for apps that are not in BBworld.
    The Bold Explorer - Bold 99xx Working and Dead Apps List
    So modestly I will not keep this thread updated beyond this moment and forward future updates to the links dictated above.

    I have practically tested all the apps that exist, in the indicated categories, and I have saved the following extract.

    I include java apps are ok.
    JAR = Java app = no BBW = It is not in Blackberry World
    Others "no BBW" are specifically indicated
    TS = Touch Screen is required
    No indication = It is in Blackberry World*
    *According to various sources the payment apps will disappear from BBworld on April 1, 2018 and all in general during the year 2020.

    FileScout Lite (take Wi-Fi files)
    Rock File Manager
    Bluetooth File Transfer (BlueFTP) (file explorer with zip & BT) (JAR)
    Ad Blocker (apps publicity)
    JadAnywhere (create JAD file)
    OTA Downloader
    Phido (Blackberry as IP cam)
    PortaServer (video & cam in computer)
    Whats Running in My Phone
    ChargerAlarm3.0 (alarm if quit charger)
    Anti Theft
    Leave It On by Oswald Designs (screen on)
    Leave It On by Shaosoft (screen on)
    KeepLightOn (screen on, on plugged in) (banner at star)
    KeepLightOn (screen on with plug)
    DeGroupTestNew (test Internet speed)
    Task Killer for BBM (close BBM)
    airplane mode
    Mobile Mule 0.9b_en (eMule control) (JAR)

    FincoWordPad (open any file as text)
    HoneyDew (task organizer)
    Tra.duc.tor. (translator)
    Translator for you (translator)
    Navita Translator (Bing only work)
    DictionaryForMIDs (translator offline) (JAR)
    Mobile Translator In (translator offline) (JAR)
    XE-Currency (money)
    BlackPepper Simple Currency Converter (unit converter)
    Unit Converter Pro (unit converter)
    Vimukti Common-Converters (unit converter)
    C-Calc Pro (cientific calculator)
    Analyze Mathematics (mathematical formulas, algebra)
    RulerMidlet (meter ruler) (JAR)
    MobileRadar (metals market) (it’s down on April 2018)
    OBD-II+Trouble+Code+Lookup (cars error code)
    Flash Lite (light-no Internet)
    e-office flashlight 1.0.3 (no Internet)
    NavLightFlash-Compass (NavLightFlashlight+Tritium Compass+Speedometer)
    (same that Nitro Utilities)
    HuiZoneSenter (direct flashlight-no Internet)
    Color Flash Light by Laaba Mobiles (JAR) (no Internet)
    flashlight by Forrest Heller (3 KiB) (JAR) (no Internet)
    Colour Flashlight Pro by Pioneer Mobitech (JAR)
    Flash Light by Vendor or Mirage Stacks (JAR)
    FlashLet - Bright Blinking Flashlight by Pomo or by Quinter Class (JAR)
    Light - Phone Light Pro by Inlogic Software (JAR)
    mtoolboox (JAR) (multi-tool)
    Spruce Stopwatch by Spruce (2 times)
    WS_Stopwatch Free (10 times)
    Stopwatch 1.1 by Kristian Otnes (40 times)

    Data-Backup-v0113 (S4BB) (contacts, tasks, events, emails, categories and calls)
    Backon (on-line contacts)
    Contacts a CSV
    My BB Information or Device Info for Blackberry
    SystemInfo Free (JAR)
    MemoryBooster S4BB
    MemBoo 3.0.3
    Memory Mojo
    Meters MemoryMonster
    CPU Speed Test (JAR)
    Clean Master Pro by S&I Creatives (FAKE?) (JAR)
    Clean Master MemoryBooster (card+RAM+antivirus) 240x400 (TS) (JAR)
    Memory Cleaner Free by Valeriy Skachko (JAR)

    Opera Mini
    UC Browser
    Google Quick Search by RIM (official BB8520) (I have extracted it from a BB 8520 and installed on BB9360)
    (add Google on the search results of the system)
    The Weather Channel
    Il Meteo (weather, very well)
    3BMeteo (weather, poor)
    WeatherBug (JAR) (poor)
    Weather Free by S&I Creatives (JAR) (poor)
    SimpleScanner (QR)
    Quick QR Code Scanner and Generator (QR)
    BeeTagg QR reader 3.1 (QR)
    mujMail (JAR)
    Mobile Mail (JAR) (text mode)
    Piko (mail) (JAR) (connect Piko server) (text mode)
    SmartMail (service book special is required)

    GPSMid (OFFLINE GPS Navigator) (no BBW)
    ShareNav (OFFLINE GPS Navigator) (no BBW)
    Wisepilot (Online GPS Navigator)
    UbiNav (trial) (Online GPS Navigator)
    Telenav (very expensive) (Online GPS Navigator)
    TelMap Navigator (very expensive)
    VGPS (Vietnamese GPS) (Universal offline GPS navigator) I only got the London map
    AfriForum GPS (African GPS Navigator)
    LandMark Manager GMSWorld (social POIs maps)
    8Motions Map (only OSM & Microsoft maps) (+Tracker) (addresses doesn’t work) (JAR)
    Official Google Maps 3.0.1 + 4.5.3 (4.5.3 requires 3.0.1) (no BBW)
    gvSIGMini (MAPS) (no BBW) (only run Microsoft,OpenStreet & personal)
    Mobile Gmaps (MAPS) (no BBW) (only run Windows Maps,OpenStreet & personal)
    BBMaps 1.7.1 (MGmaps based) (run Google Maps,Windows Maps,OpenStreet & personal)
    Maps-Free Statics Maps (MAPS) (JAR) (TS) (only run OpenStreetMaps & Yandex)
    Yandex Maps (MAPS) (russian languaje) (no BBW)
    GPS Maps Place Near Me using Google 1.3 (POI)
    FourSquare (POI)
    Wikitude (POI)
    Poynt (POI)
    FoxyTag (radars) (JAR)
    GPS Waypoint Manager (waypoint)
    Tracker GPS Sculpted Pixels (waypoint)
    Tracker aiSpot-v2415 (waypoins)
    Tracker ape@map (offline trekking maps) (BBW only Germany)
    Tracker GPSLogger II (online+offline trekking maps)
    Tracker MapNav r4.8.0 (Map Mobile Navigator) (online+offline trekking maps) (no BBW)
    Tracker NavFunPro (+FoxyTag radars) (online+offline trekking maps) (no BBW)
    Tracker TMJ Track My Journey-Mobile (online+offline trekking maps)
    Tracker TrekBuddy (offline trekking maps) (no BBW)
    Tracker Nogago (online+offline trekking maps)
    Tracker GPS-Tracker Advanced (only rec)
    Tracker bbTracker (only rec)
    Blackberry Travel (hotels, airlines & rent a car)
    SkyScanner (airlines search) (only work for me OS 5 version)
    Booking.com is possible with Hotels (poor)
    HotelsCombined is possible by Fairy (TS) & Hoteloogle (poor)
    Hotel Price Scanner (TS) (poor)
    GPSViewer (GPS position) (JAR)
    GPS Tool Plus (GPS position) (JAR)
    SuperFlashlight+Tritium Compass+Speedometer
    BerryCompass (compass GPS)
    Compass (compass GPS)
    GPS Compass Free by Ajani (speed and position) (without degrees advance) (auto start)
    CompassPro4.7-6.0 (direction-vel tiny)(Noth error)(static limbo)(it serves to calculate degrees)
    Compass BigMobile (compass GPS) (JAR)
    Compass by Dana Peters (JAR) (compass by sun & moon)
    sikaSimplex (Oink Oink) (JAR) (OpenStreetMap editor)
    Endomondo Pro (sports)
    SportyPal (sports)
    GPSpeedometer (cyclist, Strava & Zephyr)
    GPSies (sport routes)
    MetrO (public transport big city)
    FEVE (narrow way Spain north train)
    RENFE (wide way Spain train) (it is an access)
    OBB Scotty (Germany train, fuel station, parkings, how to get maps, etc)
    SmartTreni Italia 3G - OS 7 (payment)
    TrainTime - UK Train Times (not ok)
    Chiltern Railways (BBW-UK)
    SNFC TER - France train
    Voyages SNFC - France train

    Mission Impossible III
    Trivial Pursuit (2008) by EA (JAR)
    Trivial Pursuit (2011) by EA (JAR)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2004 (1) by MacroSpace LTD (english)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2004 -Celebrity Edition- by MacroSpace & Glu Mobile (english)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2005 (1) -Music Edition- by Glu Mobile (english)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2005 (2) by Glu Mobile (english)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2006 (1) by Glu Mobile (english)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2006 -2nd Edition- by Glu Mobile (english)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2007 -3rd Edition- by Glu Mobile (multilenguaje-english) (TS)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2008 -10th Anniversary- by Glu Mobile (english) (TS)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2008 -4th Edition- by Glu Mobile (english-russian) (TS)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2010 by Glu Mobile (spanish-english-russian-ceska)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2011 by Glu Mobile (english)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2012 by Glu Mobile (multilenguaje-english)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2013 by Glu Mobile (multilenguaje)
    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2014 by VMOGA (english) (data required) (TS)

    MobileVOIP (several operators VOIP)
    Join Express (multi-VoIP)
    VMobile VoIP (trial) (multi-VoIP)
    VMobile Talk (free) (it says free calls between users but I do not get the program) (no BBW)
    LinkdIn (social professional)
    Facebook (last doesn't direct access)
    UberSocial (Twitter & Facebook)
    Blackberry Messenger (voice on Wi-Fi)
    In4 10-4 (Walkie Talkie PTT on BBM) (no Android version)
    Instagram - Best of instagramers 1.1 (Instapics)
    Hike Messenger (doesn't run BB9360 but report works in other models)
    Pinch Messenger (server is out for alls telephones)
    Thomson Reuters Eikon (messenger professional Reuters agency) (only corporative mails)
    Thomson Reuters WDS Wireless Delivery System
    Trillian (multi-messenger)
    WeChat Messenger (asking for the confirmation code from an Android works on Blackberry)
    XMS Messenger
    Zello (walki-talkie PTT, messenger & chats)
    Blaast (chats) (JAR)
    qeep (chats) (JAR)
    Nimbuzz (2014) (multimessenger) (Jabber is OK) (only run Java version) (JAR)
    ICQ 4.0.4 (JAR) (BB version is off but it is in official web)
    Jimm (ICQ client).JAR
    IRC LoveIRC (IRC chats very well)
    Mobile Chat IRC por David Exposito (privates doesn´t run)

    ChatRoom 2.0 by Kwabula Richard (BT chat) (JAR)
    Dhingra Bluetooth Chat v1.0 by TechCyber (BT chat) (JAR)
    My Client BluetoothMessenger 1.0 by Alcanos (BT chat) (JAR)

    Mobiola xPlayer
    Baamboo Player
    Music Explorer (player)
    KD Player (JAR)
    Glass Player_demo (with Playlist virtual edit Queue) (JAR)
    Media Player (JAR)
    MP4 Music Player (JAR)
    YouTube Cool Video Player (player)
    YouTube Utube Search (player)
    YouTube Video Search (search)
    Shazam (sings detector)
    Deezer (trial online music)
    Spotify (online music for premium users)
    World Music Top (free online music, supposed global musical successes)
    Top Music (free online music, supposed musical successes by countries)
    Top Music Plus (free online music, supposed musical successes by countries)
    Cloud Player (your music in the cloud)
    TuneIn Radio
    Nobex Radio
    Tune Wiki (Shoutcast radio)
    MobiAmp (Winamp mobile)(SHOUTcast official)(payment)
    iRadio 1.5 (add station manually) (JAR)
    MFRadio4 (add stations manually) (JAR)
    Virtual Radio (VRadio) (Java app with hundreds of stations) (JAR)
    Telecable (TV guide Spain)
    Lorini TV*
    TV Blackberry*
    Vectir Remote (PC remote control)

    *Many TV channels are down

    OTHERS (interesting applications in wish list)
    Aerize Loader - SD files lot install (payment) (no work on OS7.1)
    Aerize WiFix - ¡¡¡Change data conection BIS, WAP o Wi-Fi!!! (payment) (no work on OS 7.1)
    Huracan Alert for Blackberry
    BeejiveIM (multi-messenger) (payment)
    Bike-O-Meter (speedometer) (payment)
    Blackberry Virtual Expert (official tests)
    Blackberry Wallet (credit cards list for purchases)
    CSV Table Pro (Excel) (payment)
    Bluejabb IM XMPP (Jabber)
    Bluejabb for Nimbuzz (Jabber?)
    Cell Phone Monitoring Backup

    Checklist (payment)
    Cloud Explorer for Google Drive (payment)
    Cloud Explorer for Onedrive (payment)
    CIA World Factbook 2015 (travels) (payment)
    Code Muncher QR Reader (payment)
    Fake Call Phone
    Fitness Tracker (payment)
    FlipSideMP3 Player (payment)
    Share an image of your location
    The time printed in the photo
    Virtual Flash (payment)
    MoonTalk (payment)
    PodTrapper Podcast Manager (payment)
    Visual Reloj
    Home Remedies (payment)
    Nautical Charts (by countries) (payment)
    Speedometer (payment)
    Speedometer Ultra (payment)
    Translator for Google Translate (payment)
    US Marine Weather (payment)
    Video ScreenShots
    Wikipedia (payment)
    Xmarks (favorits) (payment)
    Photo Studio PRO (payment)
    Versatool (multi-tools) (payment)
    -Mobiola Web Camera BlackBerry (BB webcam on Windows)
    -P2P IP CAM_lite (cams P2P on BB)
    -Piko+PikoCi (use BB as CCTV) (payment and web is close)
    -Phido (use BB as CCTV)
    -PhoneSnoop (open micro others Blackberry)
    -TelView Mobile CCTV
    -VT Sound Spy (if listen noise it call)
    -Webcam (use BB as Webcam)
    4 same IP cam on BB:
    -eboo mobile
    -Haxe Mobile
    -JDC Mobile
    Remote desktop protocol RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol):
    -Shape.ag TSmobiles (client) (payment) (use Java version, BB version doesn't connect to the server)
    Remote Desktop protocol VNC (Virtual Network Computing):
    -Mocha VNC (client) (payment)
    -RealVNC (VNC original) (payment)
    -Shape.ag VNC+ (client) (payment) (use Java version, BB version doesn't connect to the server)
    Shape.ag propietary protocol:
    -Remote Desktop for Mobiles RDM+ (use Java version, BB version doesn't connect to the server)
    -Mocha Telnet (30€)
    In addition, Mocha Soft has terminal emulator with several types of IBM terminals:
    Languaje diccionary offline & learning:
    -Bede (various)
    -Marketing Dictionary
    -MDict by Jaromes Projets (GPL)
    -Mobile Systems (various) (payment)
    -Offline English Dictionary 1.0 by Fundo (autostar ads) (payment)
    -Paragon (various)
    -Stephen Maingi (various)
    -Survival Dictionary (learning) (JAR) (TS)
    -Apertium TyniLex (by spanish government) (various) (JAR)
    -Advanced English Dictionary by jDictionary (JAR)
    -Dictionary9 by Core International s.r.o (various) (payment) (JAR) (TS)
    -DictionaryForMIDs (various) (JAR)
    -Kodi (with Gear Spyware-no offline) (various) (JAR)
    -Langenscheidt (JAR)
    -Live Dictionary (various) (payment) (JAR)
    -Dictionary by Vikrant (JAR)
    -HNHSoft Larousse English-Spanish Concise Dictionary (payment)

    In addition there are several applications to know where the phone is located:
    GPS Tracker (payment); iSpot; Live Tracker; MapMyHIKE; My Mileage Tracker (payment); Smart Tracker; Tracker; GPS Mobile; TrackerSA; Locator Telephone; Mobil Rastreator; Cellular Rastreator
    They also have this proven features: Track My Journey (TMJ) and Mapnav
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    Most applications can be found in the Blackberry World. Next I will describe how to download the applications marked as "not BBW" and those marked as "JAR".

    -With regard to GPS applications marked "no BBW" that are able to work offline I will put the links to download them directly from his website:

    Most of these applications are not in BBW.
    I have to make a serious warning before you start downloading:
    Most of these applications have a very high learning curve. At least each application requires several weeks of exclusive dedication to learning, sometimes to start working and in others to master the application.
    The main difficulty lies in discovering the method to download the maps and place them on the SD card of the Blackberry.
    Normally they follow the following guideline:
    1st Find the program to download the maps from the PC. OpenStreetMaps maps are in vector format and must be rasterized to bitmap format.
    Each application uses a different format (except GPSMid and ShareNav) and usually a different program.
    2nd In a PC of 32 bits as much you can rasterize a map of 10,000 km2 with a good level of zoom. In 64 bits we do not win much more. Now we find the second difficulty, be able to configure the PC to increase the memory dedicated to Java by default, which is set to 384 MiB. Using Java 32-bits programs, this can be increased to a maximum of 1536 MiB in 32-bits systems and 3068 MiB in 64-bits systems.
    3rd Now we must learn to cut and download the map. You can also download already rasterized maps but they are generally from 2012 as very new.
    4th Finally we put the map in the SD and we learn to manage the program.
    All this assuming you have notions in computers, if not impossible.


    download directory: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gpsmid/files/
    OTA: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gps...2.jad/download
    Direct download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gps...2.jar/download
    I have also found offline maps, already extracted from 2016
    You can use the zip or the jar as a downloaded map or you can run the jar directly and install the application with your country (this is the easiest way).

    download directory: https://sourceforge.net/projects/sharenav/files/
    Direct download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/sha...2.jar/download


    gvSIG Mini:
    download directory: https://confluence.prodevelop.es/dis.../Java+Download
    OTA: http://m.gvsigmini.org/download/latest_bb.jad

    Mobile GMaps
    download directory: MGMaps - Download
    OTA signed: http://wap.mgmaps.com/mgmaps-signed.jad
    OTA unsigned: http://wap.mgmaps.com/mgmaps.jad
    Direct download: http://wap.mgmaps.com/mgmaps.jar

    Yandex Maps:
    download directory: yandex maps, yandex maps blackberry, карты яндекс, yandex maps приложение.
    OTA: http://m.soft.yandex.ru/download/map...exmaps-rim.jad
    OTA Touch: http://m.soft.yandex.ru/download/map...s-rimtouch.jad


    Ape@Maps: (limited version) (It is in Germany BBW) (only Germany languaje)
    download directory: ape@map - GPS Kartenapplikation for Handies
    OTA according to model: ape@map - GPS Kartenapplikation for Handies

    GPSLoggerII: (free) (It is in BBW)
    download directory: GPSLogger Download & Installation - 100% free Software for BlackBerry® Devices with OS 4.2.1 or higher
    OTA: GPSLogger II OTA-Installation [OS4.6+]
    Direct download: http://www.emacberry.com/_data/gpsl0...6_v3.3.2.3.zip

    NavFun Pro (payment)
    download directory: NavFun Pro: Google Maps on your mobile phone, navigation, and upload tracks
    OTA: http://www.funrungames.com/download/navfunpro.jad
    Direct download: http://www.funrungames.com/download/navfunpro.jar

    Nogago (payment) (It is in BBW)
    Web: Welcome to Nogago!
    There are 2 versions, with maps and without maps.
    It is in BBW but if you pay the app with maps they do not give you the activation code.
    Also the web registry does not work.

    Track My Journey (limited version) (It is in BBW)
    download directory: TrackMyJourney
    It is in BBW, it is a limited version and requires web registration

    TrekBuddy (free)
    download directory: http://www.trekbuddy.net/releases/
    OTA: http://www.trekbuddy.net/releases/1....dy_bb_os50.jad
    ALX+COD: http://www.trekbuddy.net/releases/1....dy_bb_os50.zip

    For the rest of applications that are not in Blackberry World you can use several websites to download applications in order to get them:
    (I recommend downloading from the PC and then transferring them to the SD card)

    -If the application is for Blackberry...
    In case the download is not allowed in .zip format ...
    To download BB-OTA to the PC, download the .JAD file and open it using the JAD Downloader program for PC. Once the .COD files have been downloaded, we need to create a new. JAD for these with the JAD Anywhere program (the other jad downloaded is a web link).

    Blackberry RC
    Blackberry Themes free download, Blackberry Apps, Blackberry Ringtones, Blackberry Games, Blackberry Wallpapers for download

    Mobyware.net (all in BB World, although it does not exist with QR links from the mobile)
    mobuware.net Is For Sale

    Bemobi Mobile Store for Blackberry (EYE the .JAD links only last 24 hours!)
    (before Opera Mobile Store)
    HTML5 Games and Apps - Opera Mobile Store

    -If the application is Java ...
    In case direct download is not allowed.JAR ...
    To download Java-OTA on your PC download the .JAD file, open it with your notebook and copy the URL that is inside it with extension .JAR, then just paste it in the browser to download the final file and we can delete the file.JAD which is only a web link, in this case we only use the file.JAR and we do not need to create a new one.JAD
    Remember that generally only the apps that I have listed work or if others work, they are poor.

    boostapps.com (allows download)

    dedomil.net (games) (EYE mark games with your name)
    Free Mobile Java Games JAR and JAD Java Game - dedomil.net

    dertz.in (games)
    Java Games | java games | jar games : Dertz

    java-mobiles.com (allows downloads) eye them up any, fake years or customizations
    Free Java games download for mobile phones. Java Applications, Software, JAR, Apps for Nokia, Samsung, touch screen, 240x320

    maanboyz.com (allows download) (Android mix search)

    mobgames.ws (games) (allows download) (search by Google site)
    Java Games. Download Mobile Games. Free Jar Game Jad

    phoneky.com (sometimes via OTA sometimes direct)
    PHONEKY - Java Apps

    softonic.com java (allows download)


    Bemobi Mobile Store - Java Phone generic
    (before Opera Mobile Store)
    HTML5 Games and Apps - Opera Mobile Store

    Bemobi Mobile Store - Nokia N40
    (before Ovi Nokia, before Opera Mobile Store)
    Java Games and Apps - Opera Mobile Store

    Bemobi Mobile Store - sonyericsson-j10i2
    (before Opera Mobile Store)
    HTML5 Games and Apps - Opera Mobile Store

    Downloads 3K download3k.com

    downloadwap.com (only via OTA) (do not search for java)
    DownloadWAP - Top Rated FREE JAVA Apps

    getjar.com (only OTA from the mobile or with the app)

    mob.org (games) (without apps for java) (only via OTA)

    mob.org Sony Ericsson elm (customized only for games)

    mobile9.com (only via OTA) (wait 30 sec. captcha)
    Hot Free Other Other Apps - Page 1 of 30 | mobile9
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  3. rocmon's Avatar
    Thanks for this post!

    It's Back To The Future February for me, I just fired up my BlackBerry 9900 and I absolutely love the size and don't miss anything ... yet!
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    02-01-19 03:37 PM
  4. otaodoamor's Avatar
    Hi everyone!

    Where can I find Zello app to BBOS7?

    I can't access BB World anymore.

    Thank you!
    12-14-19 12:31 PM
  5. bb10adopter111's Avatar
    Amazing effort!!! Everyone download the BBW apps you want before the end of the month, as the announced plan is to close BlackBerry World. On 12/31.

    From the screen of my trusty Z10 using the exceptional BlackBerry VKB.
    12-14-19 04:27 PM
  6. otaodoamor's Avatar
    Hi everyone!

    Where can I find Zello app to BBOS7?

    I can't access BB World anymore.

    Thank you!

    I finally found the way to install Zello in my 9620.


    The app is still running fine, of course without the recent improviments.

    See ya!
    02-04-20 12:58 PM
  7. hmp3's Avatar
    Does google maps still work?
    06-18-20 09:05 PM
  8. Ajbbb9900's Avatar
    Hike messenger or XMS: will any of them work in 9900???
    11-02-20 03:59 AM
  9. Kommandant's Avatar
    XMS is dead. Hike maybe work. I've try it some month ago and it works perfectly
    11-18-20 06:12 AM
  10. Lex24's Avatar
    Does google maps still work?
    Yes. I have Google Maps v3.0.1 working on my Curve 9320 with OS and BIS:


    I have had all kinds of issues with v4.5.3 but v3.0.1 works ok, except for the problem reported in the first post at the link below. Other users have not reported it so it might be the result of installing GM inside the house. It seems that the initial installation must be done outside, in the clear view of the satellites.

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    08-24-21 03:09 AM

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