1. tazman19's Avatar
    For all the help I have received here on Crackberry, I can finally give something back.

    There are some people reporting problems with berryweather homescreen wallpaper not showing up and instead reverting back to the theme default.

    The problem is now solved. Its a device memory issue. I was down to between 55 and 65 MB free at given points throughout the day. Today, I deleted anything non-essential off my Tour. The 4 games I dont play, themes I dont use, and apps I touched once and never again. That freed me up to about 90MB free internal memory. Viola, I reactivated the homescreen wallpaper and it worked!!!

    The problem is when the program has to write the wallpaper to the device memory under a file called berryweather.jpg. The file size when not working will be 0.0KB. Once you free up internal memory, it will write and work like a charm.

    Hope this helps some people out there! Thanks and happy new year.
    12-30-09 07:57 PM
  2. lastraid's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip.
    12-30-09 08:09 PM