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    I've purchased quite a few eBooks from eReader.com and Fictionwise over the past couple of years. They have the best multi-platform eBook reader that I've found. I went online yesterday to look from some new books, and I had a tremendous shock. Most of the books that I have purchased are no longer available from them. I can still download my previously purchased copies, but if someone wanted to buy a copy of that particular book they would be unable to. Also, about 75% of the books on my Wishlists have disappeared. When I contacted their customer support about this I was told "due to changes in the industry, they are unable to get product from their major publishers". They are working to recify the situation.

    I smell a rotten Apple iPad here. This obviously has just changed, since I purchased a book about a week ago. They have made no announcement of it. It all started the weekend the iPad went on sale. These two websites are both owned by Barnes and Noble, and the books that I've purchased are still available on their site. One problem is that I cannot read any previously purchased Fictionwise/eReader books on the Barnes and Noble eBook reader. This totally stinks. I'll be d**ned if I'm going to purchase over 100 books again.

    04-06-10 03:32 PM