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    I am a fairly new BB bold user - looks like I had a defective one for a few months (screen kept going white) so I got a replacement in the mail. Now all of my paid for apps have disappeared - most importantly total fitness and pocketlist. I don't seem to have the information about license keys anymore and can't recall if I had to put one in for total fitness. I can't find any customer support emails for total fitness so I don't know how to download back to my phone without incurring charges again.

    can you help?
    08-18-09 01:17 PM
  2. StoneColdx's Avatar
    Where did you buy the apps?
    If you bought them at the CB store/Mobihand you can log into your acct & download them from there.
    If you purchased them somewhere else you can write the Developer/company with your information & they can send you new codes.
    Good Luck.
    And please go to the Tips, How-to, Faq section & follow the guide on how to back up 3rd party apps.
    Hope this new phone works out for you.

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    08-18-09 05:12 PM