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    * Measuring your weight can help you and your doctor choose the correct diet and/or drug regiment to control such disorders as congestive heart failure.
    * By using this weight tracker application you can keep track of your family weight.
    * It may help a lot of people in their weight loss efforts.
    * You can add multiple users. And auto calculation of IBW value based on user information.
    * The Weight Tracker simplifies weight data logging and you can add multiple records per day.
    * So, start tracking your weight over time & get the summary of the logs through graph.
    * You can send mail to family doctor.


    * Record even your track weight more than one user
    * Track the weight, save the logs & get the summary through graphs.
    * Adding a weight log is very easier.
    * Review all your weight log data over a week/ Month/ Quarter.
    * The interactive charts & statistics can help you & your doctor in tracking your logs easily & quickly.
    * You can send log report to family doctor.
    05-23-10 02:19 AM