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    Okay, I'm posting this thread here as I started today in exactly the same situation as lots of people here, in that they don't get a little red star on their Facebook 'F' icon, and they want it. So here's what I did to fix everything:

    I was already receiving the Facebook emails to my blackberry. To do this, configure your email address with the Blackberry (Home screen > Options > Setup > Email Options, and then follow the instructions)

    Then set your contact email on Facebook to the same as the one that's configured (above ^^^). To do this, go to any Facebook page you're logged into, top-right click 'account' and then 'account settings'. Click 'change' and type this email in, or leave it as is if this was already configured. For me, this looks like blah blah @hotmail.com

    Then, along the top set of tabs, where you should be on 'settings' to change your email, select 'notifications' to do the next step. From here, you should mark a dot under the email picture for every notification that you would like to receive a little red star for on your Blackberry. For me, this was any comments, wall posts, pictures etc. If you're unsure, select all of them and then remove the annoying ones later.
    NOTE: A step I also took, not sure if it's needed, was to scroll to my 'other applications' at the very bottom, and allow 'Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones' and 'Facebook Updates for Messenger', just to be safe.

    From here, your online Facebook should be working. Now go to your Blackberry, and select the white F on blue background of the Facebook app. If you don't already have this, download now from BlackBerry - Facebook (just google 'blackberry facebook app' and you should find it)
    Even if you already have the app, please download the newest version to make following this guide easier.

    Once installed, rebooted etc, click on it. You may need to login if this is your first use, so do so with your normal desktop Facebook login details. Now, click the Blackberry key (left of trackpad/ball) and select 'options'. For me, I have the calendar and contacts applications selected, so they DO have the tick, but I have unchecked the MESSAGE box, to help avoid a problem later (this is under 'Connect your Facebook account with:' )
    The other settings are personal, but make sure you have 'Facebook notifications' checked, WITH a tick.

    After ensuring that all of the steps above were correct, my Blackberry received the Facebook notifications!
    However, I like my Blackberry very organised, so there were a few things I still wanted to sort out. Firstly, about a minute after my BB buzzed with a notification, it would buzz again with an email from Facebook with exactly the same information. This is why I unchecked the 'message' option in the Facebook app. Because these emails were sent from my hotmail account, I also set up a rule to delete them straight away, so I no longer receive them to my BB.
    To do this, if using Hotmail/Live: Log into your email, select 'options' on the far right hand side, and then 'more options'. And under 'customising Hotmail' select 'rules for sorting new messages'. Click 'new', and change the box that says 'is' to the option 'contains' and in the box to the right of that type 'Facebook'. Under step 2, select to 'delete these messages'. This should prevent Facebook emails from spamming your Blackberry.

    Also, another annoying thing was the pop up telling me I had a new message from Facebook. Considering I don't use that account much, I disable that pop up, by opening Windows Live Messenger. Tools > options > alerts > and UNcheck the box that says 'display alerts when an email is received.'

    That's pretty much it for me. I now receive notifications from Facebook on my Blackberry, don't receive pop ups of new Facebook emails, don't have an inbox full of annoying Facebook messages, so all is good.

    I hope this tutorial has been helpful, and easy to follow. This worked perfectly for me, may not work perfectly for you, and the Facebook app itself if far from perfect... Post back and let me know how you got on, and I'll give any help I can.

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    I think that Facebook itself was having issues. I have all of my settings set to what I want to receive and not receive and yesterday I was not getting any notifications. this has happened before to a lot of ppl as well.

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    Has anyone received notifications today? I haven't received anything since Friday.
    10-31-10 06:24 PM