1. Myk_Blauuw's Avatar
    So I remember getting a popup when I first installed FB on my phone that asked if I wanted to sync my calender with it & I pressed ok.

    Now my Calender is synced up with the my FB page, which would be fine except it's showing all events (even ones that I listed as "not attending"). It's just cluttering up my calender.

    Also, under my contacts name it's showing their FB information (such as where they work, status' etc.)

    How can I turn off this syncing (or individually select what I want & don't want to sync up)?
    05-03-10 04:48 AM
  2. abboder's Avatar
    While in the Facebook app, hit the Menu key and then click "Settings". You will then be able to check/uncheck what you want and don't want synced with your phone.

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    05-03-10 10:33 AM