1. critchyw's Avatar
    I have my facebook app setup to sync with my contacts but when I do this it seems to think I care about these peoples birthdays too, which I don't. Is there any way to stop it from adding birthdays?

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    08-20-10 09:59 PM
  2. Miss23AD's Avatar
    I think its somethin that has to do with the initial settings you set up on your facebook for blackberry. meaning dont select the option to sync your blackberry calendar to your facebook calendar.
    08-20-10 10:02 PM
  3. critchyw's Avatar
    I never let it do that. If you read the fine print on the contact sync it says it will update your calendar as well though. I guess its just a hopeless cause

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    08-20-10 11:04 PM
  4. DesertDweller1968's Avatar
    Are the people who's B-days are being added also in your BB phonebook/contacts? On my 8330m when I go into my Facebook I bring up the menu & open the options screen, there it has "Connect your Facebook account with: BlackBerry Contacts application" I think if I uncheck that box it won't add birthdays to the BB calendar or pictures etc; if your Facebook friends are in your actual phonebook.
    Did that make any sense, sorry
    08-20-10 11:24 PM
  5. eninrebmun's Avatar
    It was always at midnight when the alarm went off for the birthdays and it used to **** me off. To stop it, I just re-ran the setup wizard in FB, unchecked the calendar option and then had to go to the calendar -- scrolling through a year opening every day (do this in month view) that had an appointment and deleted all occurrences of any birthday.

    It hasn't bugged me since.
    08-21-10 12:58 AM
  6. blured2000's Avatar
    The calendar sync option adds facebook events to you blackberry calendar; the contact sync adds the contacts and their birthdays. When I ran the setup wizard, I unselected the contact sync option, and once the app loaded I went through and manually connected just a few people to my blackberry contact list (when you click the menu button on a profile pic, it gives you the option to connect them to the contact on your blackberry). Another issue I had was that the birthday entries are added for the next 30 or 40 years on your blackberry calendar which really slowed down the loading of the calendar app (100 friends = 4000 calendar entries to load). Again I had to go through and change the recurring date to just one year ahead.
    08-22-10 11:49 AM