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    I'm having a problem with facebook on my Tour. It seems to be a common problem but I haven't seen a really clear response/solution for it yet.

    My problem is that I'm simply not getting notifications on my phone at all. Here's the thing though, I don't want email notifications from facebook. Not on my computer, not on my BB. So I turned off the "leave email notification messages on mail server." That works.

    But I do want them within the facebook app itself. Not only is it not telling me when I have updates (with the red star or whatever) but when I open facebook, I can't see posts people have put on my wall, or inbox messages I've received or sent. Simply put, when I click on that "notification icon" at the top, nothing new...

    Is there a reason my facebook won't update anything but other people's statuses? And is there a way to get notifications without having to get an email each time?

    11-30-09 08:08 PM
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    I've had the exact same problems with this application, and I'm sure you can find many others with similar issues. I think it's a poorly built app with an extremely narrow range of features, sloppy and needs a considerable overhaul. As far as your specific problems being rectified, they will be resolved when the app is. It's not a phone or user-based issue.

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    11-30-09 08:34 PM
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    Hm... Well thanks for the reply. Disappointing but hopefully they update the app soon.
    11-30-09 09:03 PM
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    That's wierd, mine doesn't do that. Maybe delete the app and download fresh. It may fix your issue.
    11-30-09 09:28 PM
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    After messing with the FB app there are a couple of things I notice.

    a) the news feed works very similar to the FB website, etc.

    b) the ONLY way to get notifications on your FB app is to get email sent to your phone.

    My work around for this is create a new email address aka. myfacebookemail@myfavoritedomain.com and use this as your main email for your Facebook. Go into settings, and then notifications. Check only the notifications you want to me notified about via email (ie. your BB).

    Setup this email through your BB. Only FB will deliver mail to that address. it will show up in your messages box, but as a FB notification.

    This way, i keep my email online clean (no FB emails), and the messages show up in my BB message inbox as facebook notifications. I extremely limit what gets delivered to me via email to limit the notifications I get on my BB.

    The BB Facebook app is directly linked to the email you have set up as your main FB email. It is not a standalone app like the iphone/ipod touch.

    I hope this helps.
    11-30-09 11:46 PM
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    Okay well my roommate figured it out. He discovered how to get notifications, and so far, it seems I don't need to get the email with it. Here's how.

    1. Go to your facebook options on your BB
    2. Uncheck "Leave email notification..."
    3. Now check off under "Connect your Facebook account with:" and check "Blackberry Message application" so it's now on. That should be the only one selected (unless you want the other features which I don't use so I can't vouch that they work with your notifications)

    What this does is every time you get a notification, it appears in your facebook, and your Blackberry message app, but it's not technically an email. Therefore, it doesn't go to your computer, and it doesn't actually notify you like an email. So far that's been working for me. Might not continue to work as I use facebook more, but there's the solution we came up with.

    I can't figure out why that turns on facebook "email notifications" on my computer. I don't seem to be getting any actual emails though. We'll see.
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    12-01-09 12:20 AM