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    For the past week or so when i try and check in on facebook places on my blackberry bold 9780 its not been working, its always worked perfect until i tried about a week or so ago, and since then ive tried nearly everyday just to see if its working but no nothing, keeps coming up with facebook error 2002 please try again later.

    It works fine, finds my location, asks me if i want to check in, i click on check in and thats when the error message comes up, so doesnt let me finally check in.

    What could be the issue?

    I dont know if its since ive updated to the new facebook app, i dont always use places, just now and again ,but always has worked great, until when i tried a week ago, it wouldnt let me and hasnt since.

    Ive got my location settings ON on options and ive refreshed GPS ,tried it with wireless on and wireless off, in many different locations, reboot phone etc but nope still the same.

    Could anyone help me at all?

    Im using vodafone uk too.

    08-24-11 11:15 PM