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    hi everyone! i have read the threads regarding setting up/configuring 8520 to work on fb places... everytime i go to FB places, I only see my friends and where they checked in and not the "check in" button... I have tried all those instructions there could be but still it's NOT working..

    Can anyone please tell me if FB places does work with 8520 so I will not wast my time fixing this ????

    here's what I've done so far:

    1) i have already updated my OS to V5.2.0.104 my FB has already been updated to v1.9.. i have also set my FB (privacy settings)

    2) GPS has been modified, I connected my BB to a phone with bluetooth and was able to modify GPS data source and GPS services is now set to "location on"

    3.) I have done turning off my bb, removing the battery then turning it on.. I have also tried deleting and rinstalling FB still nothing happens..

    --also the option on FB "Share my location with facebook" is grayed out and no way to be ticked.
    --the crazy thing is that I've been to my carrier customer service and they can't do anything about it since other apps have been working.. they even told me that FB places is not working on bb 8520.

    please help there might be some other settings i haven't tried
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