1. christina606's Avatar
    Hi Everyone,

    I cannot get Facebook places to work on my Blackberry Pearl (8110). I have done research and it seems to be because I do not have Blackberry maps installed that it won't work. Doing more research, I found that I do not have Blackberry maps because I guess AT&T disables it on Blackberries?

    So I did some more research and found that not only do I not have the icon, I don't have the application installed at all. I found a link somewhere to download it, but it did not install the program, but just a random file that I cannot do anything with.

    Does ANYONE know how to fix this so I can just use Facebook places? That's all I want to do!!

    05-01-11 03:51 AM
  2. dictoresno's Avatar
    the random file you downloaded was probably the launcher icon someone made that circumvents the service book that hides the BBMaps icon for at&t users. it allows us to use BBMaps, even when at&t hides the applications launch ability with the normal icon.

    there is no over-the-air way to install BBMaps. you must download the phones Operating System to your computer from the internet, then connect your phone and proceed to load BBMaps through either Desktop Manager or Apploader. this will be the only way to install BBMaps.
    05-01-11 04:08 AM