1. kevin77's Avatar
    How come some facebook photos show in contacts but others do not? I know the contacts are linked as it shows there facebook name but not profile pic.
    05-17-09 12:00 AM
  2. ArmaK's Avatar
    Sometimes it takes a while to update all of your contacts. Just give it a while and when FB does it's next update of the contact, it should sync their FB picture with the BB.

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    05-17-09 12:50 AM
  3. UrbanGlowCam's Avatar
    I dunno about that. I let it sync all the pics to my contact list but it only did like 1/4 of them. I just manually went into my facebook friends, and attached them manually to my BB contacts.
    05-17-09 12:53 AM
  4. GAP321's Avatar
    yea i have the same problem - i went in to my contact list and attached the ones i wanted manually, however some of them are coming in with photo's and others without. and if fb makes the contact, I dont think you can add/change the pic in the contact. anyone know anything about this or have the same experience?
    05-18-09 10:55 AM