1. M.J.H.'s Avatar
    Can someone please assist I am not a newbie to the Tour by ANY means. I have messed with all notification settings in my Facebook account on a desktop computer and then messed with them like crazy on my Tour also, both in the Profiles settings, Facebook application settings, etc.

    I just want push Facebook messages and pokes again that's really it!
    03-22-10 08:36 PM
  2. sharinlea's Avatar
    If I understand correctly, you have to have the email account your notifications go to pushed to your phone.
    03-22-10 09:06 PM
  3. stilltipin87's Avatar
    If you messed with them all to not notify you....just mess around some more so it will notify you. I'm sure you'll figure it out.
    03-22-10 09:07 PM
  4. hondateg91's Avatar
    Just make sure your email settings are correct and one that is set up with your phone. Also you could try deleting and reinstalling the facebook app to see if that helps.

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    03-23-10 01:35 AM
  5. Sgibb16's Avatar
    My notifications haven't worked in over a month and i hadn't changed any setting. I cant figure out how to get it to work again either.
    03-23-10 06:48 AM
  6. BD15's Avatar
    It's something with FB...I'm in the same boat as you all...notifications come in spurts and when they do, some of them are hours (if not a few days) old. Sucks, I wish they'd fix it.
    03-23-10 10:54 AM
  7. anttehninja's Avatar
    Blackberry has the absolute worst version of a facebook app. Its terrible. They really need to step they're game up. Everyone else has a completely functional one with way more features than this one.
    03-23-10 11:16 AM
  8. wryun's Avatar
    I have been having trouble with my fb for BB as well. I noticed I do get some notifications, but not all. The ones I do get are delayed by 5-10 minutes as well. Not instant/push like they used to be. Like "anttehninja" said, fb for BB is the worst! /c:
    03-23-10 11:22 AM
  9. trophynuts's Avatar
    i too have been experiencing problems in the last couple of weeks,It seems to have gotten worse. Late or no noti's at all. I've gotten used to it.
    03-23-10 08:20 PM