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    I have a blackberry 8350i and i have the boost mobile network. When i first got my phone about 2 months ago i put facebook on it and it worked fine, recently i updated my facebook to v1.7 and it wasnt working kept saying it couldnt connected to the network, and now when i took it off and try to put the previous version back on it, its telling me that my phone doesnt have the system requirements for facebook. can anyone help me out??
    10-28-09 11:26 AM
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    look for the thread in here with facebook 1.6 the new facebook 1.7 use's bes or bis which us boosters dont have remove 1.7 and reinstall 1.6 and all will be good
    10-28-09 02:59 PM
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    10-28-09 03:00 PM
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    Install with desktop manager

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    10-28-09 03:03 PM