1. DERacing#CB's Avatar
    I recently upgraded my software on my VZW8330 Curve to version

    The facebook icon that I installed back while running version 4.3 but i had removed (or so I thought) it after experiencing some issues with it.

    OK... Heres what I have done so far....

    JL Commander wipe
    Load OS
    Rebooted per upgrade instructions

    Now the icon for facebook has returned again. I am unable to delete it.

    I have NOT restored my previous backup files. Is this app part of the upgrade? Is my phone possessed? Am I just short of being put in a nice jacket and taken away by the men with nets in the van?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
    11-10-08 01:50 AM
  2. Shadnic's Avatar
    Odd, when I upgraded to VZW 4.5, my facebook app was installed, but no matter what I did, its icon would not appear on my menu screen anywhere. I eventually had to delete it and just re-download the app.

    There may have been an easier fix, I'm just still new to BB's...also I know this doesn't help with your problem at all, sorry
    11-10-08 02:42 AM
  3. mego3304's Avatar
    how do i get the facebook app on my new blackberry?
    11-10-08 09:33 AM
  4. yipsilon's Avatar

    Now the icon for facebook has returned again. I am unable to delete it.
    I'm not sure about Verizon but I know for T-Mobile there's a servicebook for Facebook, I think that is the issue. You can delete the serviceboook and the app will be gone but if you ever have your servicebooks re-sent it will be back. I just hide it.
    11-10-08 09:50 AM
  5. rachel0179's Avatar
    It comes each time you send your service books, as long as you dont install it again, just hide it. Nothing you can do - its just there.
    11-10-08 10:23 AM
  6. egobuster1's Avatar
    ya ull just have to hide unless you wanna delete the service book everytime
    11-10-08 10:30 AM
  7. ceekay68's Avatar
    i loaded facebook a long time ago do not remember password how can i get it or change it
    11-10-08 10:51 AM
  8. seahorseinstripes's Avatar
    ughhhh i hate it too! i don't have facebook and i def won't need this app, but suddenly it appears on my icon!
    i juts hide it, i'm too mad with how the facebook pushing "their will"
    11-10-08 11:57 AM
  9. DERacing#CB's Avatar
    OK everyone. Thats what I thought the answer might be but wasnt sure if it was just me or not.

    Thanks to all of you for the quick replies and help. I love this place!!!
    11-10-08 04:45 PM
  10. benzworm's Avatar
    hiding it is the best option

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    11-10-08 04:47 PM