1. LayShadyMastaKilla's Avatar
    When you get a new message, post, etc. on facebook, the little icon appears at the top of the BB screen. Once you go into the facebook app and check to see the message or post, the icon is usually gone when you return to the phone's home screen.

    So I got a wall post the other day, opened the facebook app, checked the post, and when I returned to the home screen, the facebook icon was still at the top, same place that the icon for a SMS shows up. So I went back into the facebook app, made sure I checked for anything new, and again the icon was there. And it remains there now. I actually logged off of the app and the icon was gone. I thought my problem was solved, but sure enough, once I logged back in to the app, the icon was there again. I trued rebooting the phone, but it is still there. Any ideas??
    04-30-10 09:13 AM
  2. berryjunky's Avatar
    Try uninstalling and reinstalling it?

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    04-30-10 09:49 AM