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    The other day my son got ahold of my BB and was on FB.. He hit alt + enter key (that takes you into spell check options) well he must have clicked on spanish, not knowing that he did I clicked on ignor this short cut and save. Well low and behold now everytime FB sends my message it checks for spelling and the dictionary is in spanish

    So I uninstalled FB, re-installed it think that it would go back to the default settings (i even went to options, return FB to default settings) and those didn't work... And since I disabled that short cut key I can no longer change from the spanish dictionary back to the english dictionary..

    Is there a way to go back? Anyone ever experience this before? I would really like the english dictionary back lol

    06-18-10 08:35 PM
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    Well I fixed the problem

    Went to Options - Language...

    Changed the INPUT LANGUAGE back to English (United States)

    Cahnged the INPUT LANGUAGE SELECTION SHORTCUT to SHIFT-SPACE (so it doesn't happen again) and turned Notify me back on

    Now everything is back to normal again
    06-18-10 09:40 PM