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    ok well im probably considered a noob on here lol but i need help on the facebook app. when i first got my phone the 9530 storm i downloaded facebook and i got 2 notifications. everyone gets theses and i was wondering is it even possible to get them from facebook like real time like right when it happens? also what exactly does it mean when it says "make sure that the e mail address that is associated with ur blackberry smart phone is the the same email address that receives ur facebook notifications?"


    PS: im already hook parents think its gunna rot my brain
    02-03-09 09:34 PM
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    The facebook app sucks. Use mobile facebook instead, I find that it works much better...
    02-03-09 09:36 PM
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    To answer your questions...

    Make sure your facebook login email address is one you have setup on your Storm. That's so when someone sends you a msg, requests you as a friend, writes on your wall, or whatever ... you get that notification through the facebook app on your phone.
    02-03-09 09:43 PM
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    Yeah that, and also ul end up getting an e mail about the notification as well on ur BB, depending in what notifications u have chosen to recieve via ur facebook settings, this should be instant btw.

    I also think the FaceBook app suck's as well, Facebook Mob is def better, just book mark ur home page and stay signed in. Instant social networking! lol enjoy
    02-04-09 04:23 AM
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    The best email address to use is your carrier.blackberry.net email. To prevent people from emailing you at that addy, you can hide it in your FB options when on a PC/Mac.

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    02-04-09 07:03 AM
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    Your log in email does NOT have to be the email you have associated w/ your storm. I'm still using my college email for log in, but in my account setup, my contact email is the email address i have associated w/ my storm. It says right in the settings that that's the email address you will receive notifications on.

    I find the fb app to be pretty decent, i hate using fb chat, the only annoying thing really is that you have to log in the mobile site to comment on pictures or status' (stati???)
    02-04-09 09:18 AM