1. torchMe73's Avatar
    My friends on IPhone using the FB Messenger app now have the ability to see when their friends were last active in FB. Do we have the ability to access this feature on the Blackberry Facebook Chat or any other app? I don't like that they can see my activity, yet I can't see there's!
    09-25-12 09:15 PM
  2. torchMe73's Avatar
    anyone help me here? does anyone see e.g. "John Smith" - last active 14 minutes ago - from within their Messenger or FB app on Blackberry??

    What got me the most was that all I did was open the FB app and my friend told me that she knew I was in FB, I didn't actually have any real activity such as commenting or liking any posts. I had a quick swipe through my news feed and closed it again. And FB updated that I was last active x minutes ago.... Crazy.
    09-26-12 10:14 PM