1. geek2009's Avatar
    I am currently running the facebook app and have all of my notifications sent to my gmail account. I have my gmail synced to my bb via imap, and this works perfectly. I have never gotten any of the emails that facebook sends pushed to my bb. I can check my gmail online amd I will have 100's of new messages waiting, but they are all from facebook. Any suggestions to why my emails from facebook aren't pushed down??

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    07-03-09 11:09 PM
  2. saintj's Avatar
    Mybe there is something set up wrong??
    07-04-09 07:21 PM
  3. geek2009's Avatar
    Idk. The facebook emails should be pushed to my bb like a normal email. I don't have anything special set up for them.

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    07-04-09 07:41 PM
  4. kylemcdonald87's Avatar
    Check your filters on your BIS for your gmail account...

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    07-06-09 07:01 PM
  5. codemaker's Avatar
    The facebook application intercepts these emails so you won't see them on your BB if you have the facebook app. There is an option in the latest facebook app to show facebook messages in the message app. There is also an option to delete the facebook messages from the server if you don't want to see them in your gmail either.
    07-07-09 05:00 PM
  6. rexpac's Avatar
    Had the the same issues a month back where it wouldn't push the email to my BB. I then changed facebook to send all messages to my @blackberry,net email account, and has no issues so far.
    07-14-09 06:49 PM