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    I have setup facebook to notify me via email when someone messages me or writes on my wall. The problem is that I get the facebook email but not on my blackberry only in my gmail account but I do get the notification on the facebook bb app. I just don't like having to manually delete it every time on my computer I'd rather delete it on my bb like all my other email.

    Anyone know what to do in order to fix this?

    FIXED Please delete this thread
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    12-30-09 08:08 AM
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    Obvious question but is the gmail account that Facebook sends it's notifications to set up on BIS and forwarding all your other emails to the Blackberry.

    The FB apps relies on email notifications so the account that your FB notifications go to has to be set up on the default messaging of the BB so that the FB app can grab the relevant emails and process them.
    12-30-09 09:22 AM