1. KaBu1015's Avatar
    So i downloaded facebook and it some how synced with my calender and phonebook but only synced with a few of the birthdays and contacts

    how do i get it to sync with all of them??
    09-18-09 02:09 AM
  2. slick218's Avatar
    In facebook app you can view your friends list, once there click menu on a friends name, there will be an option to connect it to a BB contact
    09-18-09 03:47 AM
  3. KaBu1015's Avatar
    yea i noe that but it takes too long to do them one by one how can i get everyone birthday in my calender even if i dont have them in my phone book
    09-18-09 01:39 PM
  4. cd36's Avatar
    they have to be connected to a contact in order for their birthday to show up on your calendar.

    IMHO they should put the birthday under the contacts info, but thats another story.

    Facebook only connects contacts if it can determine that they should be connected. I believe it does this by matching the phone number in your phone with the phone number in their profile. If they don't have a phone number in their profile you are aout of luck. It may also look at e-mail addresses but that is probably it.
    09-18-09 03:24 PM
  5. MojoSwag's Avatar
    Facebook actually checks the names and email addresses in your addressbook to your friends list and adds them that way. So, if the name you have listed in your phonebook isn't how its listed on Facebook, you have to manually link them together

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    09-18-09 05:58 PM