1. jvcjbl's Avatar
    I update to .148 and since then I have noticed that Facebook no longer updates my contact profile pictures when they change them automatically. I have to manually go into the facebook application and select the name and tell it to refresh the contact. I have uninstalled the application... I have set all permissions to allow... I am confused as to why is it not updating anymore... Suggestions?
    06-17-09 12:32 AM
  2. rocky_zw's Avatar
    I am confused by this application.... I too have set all permissions to allow both contact and calendar syncronisation. However, this has never happened and I have to manually link FB and phone contacts, and then manually update them. Even then, not all FB details are added to my Storm; the picture and FB name is, but not the FB email address and FB contact numbers. Suggestions?
    06-17-09 09:22 AM