1. mallinj's Avatar
    Any facebook chat application that works reasonably well (for Blackberry obviously, not PC)?

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    08-15-09 04:00 PM
  2. JimGo's Avatar
    I used Palringo, and wasn't that impressed. It kept losing the connection, and didn't use the BB's LED or sound settings. I keep my BB on vibrate all the time because I have 2 small kids and don't want it making loud noises if I'm checking on them when they are asleep (I'm compulsive about carrying the phone with me). I couldn't stand the fact that Palringo would chirp every time a new message came in. I am thinking of trying Nimbuzz now, but would love to know if others have identified free FB-compatible IM/chat clients.
    08-16-09 10:39 PM
  3. dagobah30's Avatar
    I've been using Beejive (version 1.1.2) for facebook chat. It works great and seems to sign me out properly -- something that was lacking in other clients I've tried.
    08-16-09 11:56 PM
  4. jpgnfx's Avatar
    am using IM+, works well
    08-17-09 12:19 AM
  5. syntax's Avatar
    ebuddy too
    08-17-09 12:26 AM