1. DawnGP143's Avatar
    I'm having trouble with this new Facebook. It keeps setting my calendar to default to Facebook. I've deleted the service book for Facebook (CICAL), but every day it comes back. When I downloaded the app, I opted for it NOT to sync with my calendar.

    Anyone know why it's happening and how to make it stop????

    05-03-09 05:06 PM
  2. ibelieve1968's Avatar
    Go to options select advanced options then select default services and make sure that facebook is not set as default calendarm. Then in the calendar menu choose select calendar and then make sure all calendars is selected. There is no way to delete the facebook calendar but that seems to make it work with the regular calendar even making the today screen work again. At least this is what worked for me.

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    05-03-09 06:40 PM
  3. DawnGP143's Avatar
    LOL....I have no calendar in default services now that I've deleted the facebook calendar service book, which is better than having the facebook calendar. I only use the device calendar and sync it with outlook.

    Guess I could just keep deleting it every time it comes back, but you would think there was a way to get rid of it forever.
    05-03-09 09:05 PM
  4. racheltorrance's Avatar
    This is driving me crazy...
    I already have another calendar set as a default calendar. I DO NOT want the facebook calendar on my BB so I've deleted the CICAL everyday through advanced options- service books

    any suggestions?!?!?!
    08-02-09 08:29 PM