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    So it was announced today, thought I'd give everyone a close up look into the application here we go....
    The application seems to run great and smooth on my curve after playing for about a half an hour I have to say this was an application that alot of thought was put into, it works great and gives a great overall experience for a mobile facebook user compared to the previous ways of axxsing facebook (ie..facebook mobile, wap browser)..this beats and it hands down the GUI is excellent and even integrates the messages onto your BB by displaying that you have messages in your facebook accnt by assigning a icon to your device with a numerical value, like a email, txt message does..overall great, I'm NOT much of a reviewer but I'm sure someone will come along who will give better review but as a first look good job!!

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    Now if only linkedin would work well on BB
    10-25-07 08:14 AM