1. MaxPayne79's Avatar
    hey guys,

    decided to start my own page on the fb as an Artist but my facebook for blackberry isn't pulling down any info. does anyone know why i can't monitor my page from my blackberry?
    02-03-12 03:31 PM
  2. mark-d's Avatar
    Facebook for Blackberry doesn't support pages as admin.

    Download hootsuite for Blackberry instead and you can admin your page from there.
    02-04-12 05:24 AM
  3. duckduke's Avatar
    I went round and round with that about 2 months ago.

    DESKTOP: The best thing I found to monitor everything is Tweetdeck. Available for iOS, Android and Desktop but not BB. They have been working working on a BB app for about 10 months or more. Still nothing. But the Decktop application is great. You can post updates to the admin Page(s) from TweetDeck. You click/highlight the accounts/pages you want the updates to go to. But, you are limited to twitter style/size updates.

    For BB: SocialScope - Is the best I've found. You can monitor Twitter, Facebook, and your Pages that you admin on Facebook. The best part is that you can do 'status updates' and choose whether you want them to go to Twitter, Facebook, or any of the Facebook pages you want. Before you enter the update you check 1 or all of the souces that you want to post the update to. The only thing that would improve it is if you can add a 'Tab' for the pages you admin. You have a couple of clicks to make each time you want to view one of your admin Pages. SocialScope will apparently let you set up and monitor multiple Tabs for multiple Twitter accounts but it will not let you add a Tab for a Facebook admin page (you'll see what I mean if you try it out).

    I think both are worth trying out. Both should help in one way or another.
    02-07-12 05:02 PM