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    Hi , I have the bell $50 rate plan with 500mb of data and when I try to use the facebook app from my blackberry facebook says, "You are currently on a service plan that does not support this application. If you want to use this application, please contact your service provider to upgrade your data plan."

    I thought with the 500mb that would include apps? Am I wrong here?

    When i go into host routing table is says no entries. I clicked the menu button and clicked register now, then a box came up saying the registration has been sent. Is this what I have to do? I dont receive any texts saying that i registered back though?

    EDIT: when i go to services status it says blackberry internet service not connected.

    What should i do?
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    11-10-10 04:56 PM
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    I'm not sure if it works the same over there as it does here, but in the UK we need specific blackberry data plans, not just an allowance. For example, the plan I'm on comes with 500mb of data, but it's useless because I need the blackberry bundle for data.

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    11-11-10 03:01 AM
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    you need a specific Blackberry data plan, not a generic smartphone data plan. All the data goes through RIM's server's. If its not registered with the proper services all you have is a full-qwerty cell phone. I reccommend calling your carrier to clear things up

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    11-12-10 08:40 PM