1. davidldummer's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Hardware - Pearl 8130
    SP - Versizonwireless

    I just started my Facebook account, and then found the Blackberry app. I have installed it both from the Desktop manager and directly on the phone. It installed fine both ways without errors, but I am unable to login to facebook on the phone. I can login successfully every time on the facebook website, but the blackberry version reports and username/password mismatch error. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

    09-12-08 09:39 AM
  2. VZWBBnewb's Avatar
    Sorry, no....I've been able to login from my phone and on the web without any difficulties. You might try to uninstall the program and then reinstall it and see if that makes a difference.
    09-13-08 05:37 PM
  3. danger_4_life99's Avatar
    theres an updated version of facebook avaliable to be downloaded i had the same problem
    09-13-08 08:32 PM