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    Hi all. Was hoping someone had a creative solution to this. I stopped using the nativ bb email app cuz it doesn't allow for gmail archiving and keeps on emailing me every time i send a gmail message from my computer (though i know this can be partially resolved by adding a filter for my email address). Have been using gmaill app b/c it gives all the advantages mentioned b4 in these forums (archive, stars, etc). Was happy with this until i realized my facbook app stopped working when i disabled the bb-gmail account. so i re-enabled it. but the problem is that i get messages on both my gmail app and native bb app. is ther eanyway not to get notified of incoming messages in bb app (i.e. not get a new mail icon) -- i don't mind if it keeps running quietly in the background so the fcbk app will work, as long as i don't see it, but i can't disable the notifications! any other creative solution out there?? thanks!!
    12-17-08 09:44 AM