05-19-09 09:34 AM
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  1. chicho1234's Avatar
    What ever happend to the "Offical Release"?? I dont even see the old app in the app world?
    04-13-09 08:58 PM
  2. Garz's Avatar
    Nobody really knows. You can find 1.5 right here on CB for OS 4.6

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    04-13-09 09:06 PM
  3. kwongsauce's Avatar
    i searched all over for that and can only find threads from january that say it will be released late january.. it is now april..

    can we get a link to this 1.5 you're talking about, Garz?
    04-13-09 09:09 PM
  4. Garz's Avatar
    I'm on the mobile CB so its a pain for me to search but use the search feature(bolded in orange) and its not that hard to find

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    04-13-09 09:15 PM
  5. anon(767240)'s Avatar
    I couldn't find the actual facebook 1.5 download link here.
    04-13-09 11:45 PM
  6. zkyevolved's Avatar
    04-14-09 12:06 AM
  7. ItnStln's Avatar
    What does 1.5 offer that you don't get with the official release?

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    04-14-09 11:08 AM
  8. The Gift's Avatar
    Has anyone received an notification in v1.5 to download the latest version of facebook?

    I did just now, and it prompted me to download version 1.2.0... I stupidly clicked the link, thinking it was the official release....and it basically downgraded me from 1.5 back to alas 1.2.0.. lost all my message history...not impressed!

    anyway, got back 1.5 :-) but still not impressed...
    04-14-09 11:52 AM
  9. BBtoiPhone's Avatar
    I had been running Facebook 1.5 for about 3 weeks, and yesterday i finally downgraded back to 1.2. Seems that 1.5 still has some bugs. I was not getting facebook notifications, and the few that i did where coming in hours, if not days delayed. It also kept giving me an error message when i would try to open it.

    I realize that 1.2 is nothing special but i would perfer to have less options and have it work perfect, than have a few more features and constantly be fighting with the app.
    04-14-09 12:19 PM
  10. elle0306's Avatar
    how do you downgrade to facebook 1.2?
    i cant seem to find the link
    04-22-09 09:49 AM
  11. Rickmunro's Avatar
    Why do people want to downgrade? The official FB 1.5 has been perfect.
    04-22-09 11:22 AM
  12. raidergirl123's Avatar
    can someone explain to me the difference between facebook 1.5 and the facebook app that came pre installed on my storm?
    04-22-09 11:30 AM
  13. Keirkhaart's Avatar
    1.5 has extra features - I love the fact that stuff goes into my message folder so I can keep track of all comms in one place. Got mine off the facebook site today. Not mind-blowing, but some nice extras - roll on 2.0!

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    04-22-09 02:49 PM
  14. bt224's Avatar
    I linked to it from Blackberry Cool. I see no real difference. Not enough to warrant the hype.

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    04-22-09 04:33 PM
  15. sperho's Avatar
    This thread is insane.
    04-22-09 05:25 PM
  16. Rickmunro's Avatar
    I linked to it from Blackberry Cool. I see no real difference. Not enough to warrant the hype.

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    Being able to reply to comments on status is really nice.
    04-22-09 08:39 PM
  17. bt224's Avatar
    Being able to reply to comments on status is really nice.
    Hmm, didn't notice, thanks for the heads up.
    04-22-09 08:41 PM
  18. fandum's Avatar
    The biggest improvement I can find is that it integrates with your contacts - places pictures in your phonebook and searches for friends based on your phonebook entries too.
    04-22-09 08:59 PM
  19. FFWilliamson's Avatar
    am a little nervous about utilizing all the functions of the new app. "...and you acknowledge that access to this data (e.g. by applications) will no longer be subject to your and your facebook friends privacy settings once stored on your blackberry device." What are they trying to say? That EVERY contact, whether they belong to facebook or not, can have their information taken and used by whoever, whenever... and not just by Facebook but by the other 3rd party apps (such as games and whatnot) that has access to your page? I just would like that clarified prior to screwing all 1000+ contacts on my phone.
    04-22-09 09:06 PM
  20. bt224's Avatar
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I do not want Facebook digging through my stuff or automatically sending anything.
    04-22-09 09:27 PM
  21. tblspn13's Avatar
    Can someone tell me how I can downgrade to 1.2? I have searched and can't find a link to it.
    04-23-09 08:14 AM
  22. th3gh05t's Avatar
    What the heck is different about this version?

    I see nothing. I thought this was supposed to be "the" version.

    Where the heck is the Facebook chat? And viewing profiles through the app?

    App still sucks. Browser is better.
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    04-24-09 10:47 AM
  23. Garz's Avatar
    The latest 1.5 build was released last night. It is
    04-24-09 11:25 AM
  24. bt224's Avatar
    One thing I noticed is that from the menu of any e-mail or SMS app, you can Send a Message, Write on a Wall, or Poke (will someone please kill that friggin poke thing?!?).
    04-24-09 11:41 AM
  25. bb_craze's Avatar
    I can't find the old version anywhere. Does anyone have the 1.2?? This new version has replaced my contact pics with FB pics, and now my calendar is messed up.
    04-24-09 05:58 PM
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