1. damianiw's Avatar

    I have this app (paid) and used to use it on my iphone, is there anyway to extract recordings from blackberry ?

    I used to be able to on iphone so long as station recorded was mp3 I could browse to filesystem and locate the recording, rename to mp3 and that was it.

    I can find the recordings folder on media card/tunein/recordings but the files don't work when tried to be renamed and played.

    Maybe they added some security or it just works different on blackberry.

    If this post offends or upsets anyone I apologise now


    04-23-13 01:36 AM
  2. mp3michael1's Avatar
    Not sure how to do that. A different option is to use DAR.fm - the DVR for radio service. This is a cloud recording service which records shows in the in cloud. From there you can stream to PC or smartphone or download. It's at DAR.fm
    04-26-13 03:12 PM

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