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    To the Crackberry Community,

    We are preparing to launch a new and exciting service and are asking for your help…

    capturengoTM helps busy people stay organized. By capturing images right from your smartphone, you won’t lose an important receipt or business card ever again.

    Here’s what you do:

    1.Capture the image using the capturengoTM mobile app
    2.Review the images and data we post to your secure capturengoTM account for accuracy and then take action…
    3.Submit your expense or save your contacts!

    Never key in data- we do it for you!

    RECEIPTS – important data is extracted from the receipt and sits in our database. You can create expense reports right from our secure web site. If your company mandates an expense management system, then capturengoTM can be used as a front-end solution for gathering all images – simply print out reimbursable receipts and then submit with your expense report.

    BUSINESS CARDS – all the contact information is extracted from the business card and compiled in a vCard that can be saved to your address book. It is that simple!

    capturengoTM reduces the time it takes to process expense reports and updating your contacts by at least 80%!

    During the beta test period, we will be actively soliciting your feedback to help us improve and fine tune the product. You may experience timing issues with the upload of your receipts and business cards as we bring our processing team online and up to speed, or with the overall reliability of the application and back end servers. Please contact us immediately, with any and all issues that you uncover.

    In exchange for participating, we will provide you with 6 months of FREE service when we fully launch capturengoTM.

    You can download the application by pointing your blackberry browser to demo.capturengo.com/install/capturengo.jad. Or you can send a SMS text message to BETA at 30364.

    For more details about our service and to register for your beta test account, please visit our demo site @ Home Page. or send us an email to [email protected]
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    Thanks for the information.
    04-01-10 01:12 PM
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    This isn't related to the bigbrother.gov site is it?
    04-01-10 02:03 PM
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    "Or you can send a SMS text message to BETA at 30364."

    That did it for me. Don't know if this is real or not, but I highly doubt it for that.
    04-01-10 02:27 PM
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    This is very real .. We are reaching out to a knowledgeable community of folks who can assist us in refining the product prior to our full on launch.

    We are hoping for participation from the community.
    04-01-10 02:31 PM
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    Thanks for the info.

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    04-01-10 02:36 PM