1. blackberry_inT.O's Avatar
    Everytime I do a "QuickPull" my homescreen is reset to the default "Rogers" homescreen. Nothing else changes and it can be fixed when I select the other theme on the phone and then change it back to the theme I use this replaces the "Rogers" with my custom screen. Or I could just go to "my pictures" and set my picture.

    I know it's not a serious problem, but it popped up out of the blue a few days ago when it used to be working fine. I have also set my BB for auto switch off and QuickPull every night. Just wondering if anyone knew what I could do to prevent this from happening. Is it a problem with my BB or the QuickPull app?

    Thanks a lot!!
    03-30-10 09:41 AM
  2. Dabiggchill's Avatar
    I think it is a black berry problem, or something with the theme. I have the same problem w/ when I added quick pull as well to my new phone. I had a tour but it crapped out, so I went to Verizon, and had it replaced, now it does the same thing, plus, when its supposed to auto restart, it doesn't.. it gives some message about modules, and then says it will restart in 5 seconds.. really? Its supposed to restart when I'm a sleep so I don't notice the 10minute reboot. So, I think there are errors w/ the theme and quick pull.. at least the free version I've been downloading
    04-08-10 05:48 AM
  3. Dabiggchill's Avatar
    I kept on reading, it seems to be an issue w/ OS 5. Check out the other forum.

    04-08-10 05:53 AM
  4. Dabiggchill's Avatar
    Use w w w. before it, I don't have enough messages to post a link yet. Sorry.
    04-08-10 05:53 AM
  5. anon2100101's Avatar
    in my opinion it doesnt matter, in which way you reboot your device... I worked with an bold9000 OS4.6, bold9700 OS5.0, t-mobile and vodafone, quickpull pro (premium) and free version and the classical manual battery pull. Sometimes and not predictable the installed WP was reseted to the default one... I think, its a kind of "independend existence" of the OS...:-)
    04-08-10 06:36 AM