1. CrazyJo82's Avatar
    I dont know if anyone else have the same issue as I do but it's not to the other posts that I've found

    I think the enhanced gmail plug-in is good but not great. My biggest pet peeve on the plug-in is that it runs in the background. The minute I check my emails (gmail), I get "enhanced gmail plugin" icon on shortcut list (alt+return) - now, if there's a way to use the plug in and have it NOT run in the background, then i wouldn't be here typing.

    so, i searched and you wonderful people talked about crackutil to remove the plug-in and it worked WONDERS until I wanted to use the wifi.

    at first, i backed up my data, reloaded the whole OS (ver - latest Rogers version), reinstalled the few apps that I use, reload data, remove gmail and it works again. Then I went to update/upgrade some apps... turned wifi on and my 9700 rebooted itself.

    i repeated the reload data procedure and didn't update any of the apps.

    on a hunch this one time, rather then reload the whole darn OS and reload data (which takes forever), I decided to open up crackutil and just load the gmail plugin then removed it again. And it worked! It saved me the trouble of backing up, and reloading.

    today, i had 2 app that needed update and just as I expected, turning on wifi crashed my 9700. i had to use crackutil and reload and remove gmail plugin.

    Does anyone else having the same problem? or is my bold giving me attitude? or is it the software version that's the issue? or is it app world that's the problem?? because it doesn't make sense for wifi to reboot the 9700 because of the gmail plugin removal...

    I have a temp solution... it's not great but workable - and update no more apps

    thanks for the read... if anyone has technical insights, i'd appreciate it. it's just frustrating that one tiny program (gmail takes up 500k) causes the big issue.
    04-27-10 09:44 PM
  2. rdyoung's Avatar
    The enhanced gmail plugin is pushed through BIS when you add a gmail account to your account in the email setup. If you dont want to use the enhanced plugin, then delete that gmail account from your BIS, and download and use the gmail app from google.
    04-27-10 10:53 PM
  3. CrazyJo82's Avatar
    but i dont like the gmail app... lol

    i just dont like it running in the background as my 7th shortcut...
    04-28-10 01:40 PM
  4. JoeMD's Avatar

    Then, if you don't want to use the enhanced plug-in, simply delete that Gmail account from your BIS, and then re-add your Gmail account through BIS. You will then receive an offer -via text or e-mail- to download and use the enhanced plug-in feature, which you can easily ignore and/or delete.

    04-28-10 01:55 PM