1. hjjsnell's Avatar
    So I've downloaded this app and it's not working. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling and still nothing. I've done the battery pull between everything. I've allowed all permissions. I've blocked sms in my native inbox and still nothing. I go to it and create an sms and try to send it and it doesn't do anything so I hit the back button and it takes me to a completely white screen. I have an 8350i w/ nextel service. Is it not compatible or is there a trick I don't know about to get it to work??? It looks like something I would really like IF I can get it to work!

    Thanks so much!!
    05-28-10 02:25 PM
  2. ani's Avatar
    Hi hjjsnell,
    Actually, BlackBerry device model 8350i does not support sending of SMS like other devices, instead it sends them as MMS. Empower Threaded SMS works only for the SMS and does not support MMS. So Threaded SMS app will not work on 8350i devices, which do not have an option to send SMS.

    This app is available for all device models other than 8350i.

    05-29-10 01:26 AM