1. JVRudnick's Avatar
    I have been using this app on my BB...and i am somewhat upset by it's functionality...

    Installs and seems to run fine...yet time after time, it lets "through" emails from domains that HAVE been blocked?

    Anyone care to offer why that might happen?


    02-02-12 04:41 PM
  2. cake55's Avatar
    I think this should be done on your email setting on PC.
    02-02-12 10:44 PM
  3. Rootbrian's Avatar
    If you added a webmail account to BIS, I suggest you check the spam filters when logged into it using your computer. Mark the spam, as spam, so they don't get pushed. You need to train them so they do catch the spam.

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    02-03-12 12:51 AM
  4. JVRudnick's Avatar
    Sorry. I do not understand either answer here....this is a BB app...not a PC app....

    I installed the Spam Filter from the Apps store - and when I get a new spam - I click menu and then scroll up and select "Create Spam Filter" - then choose the "all emails from @name.com" and then choose Delete and Create.

    That "should" IMHO create a spam filter that would ensure that any emails from that @name.com address would simply be deleted from now on.

    Doesn't work. Doesnt' work at all.

    Going to "Manage Spam Filter" shows me the 50 or so spam @name.com addresses that I've got "filtered" but not a single one of them has any logs at all - ie it claims that I've never even rec'd an email from them...sigh...

    Yet, yup...I continue to get the same spam emails from those same @name.com addresses....

    Anyone help here? does this app work? Cause in my world it dont!

    04-19-12 10:12 AM