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    Email Short Cuts is a native BlackBerry® PlayBook™ application that lets you create up to 21 email short cut templates. When you launch the short cut the new Compose email window will be filled with the contact's email address, subject and message. The contact's email address, subject and message body are all optional and you do not have to fill them in when you create the short cut template.

    When you create the short cut you have option to choose a icon for the Contact. You can choose any picture that is available on your PlayBook™. The application will automatically resize the picture for you and save a copy.

    Options are available to use man or women default icon if you do not want to have your own custom contact picture. You can also decide to display the contact's name on the icon.

    If you are always on the go or just want to quickly compose a email then Email Short Cut is the perfect productivity tool for you. Why waste your time typing the same message over and over again. Just simply use Email Short Cut.

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    10-15-12 09:50 AM

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