1. AliasWyvernspur's Avatar
    I've been searching all over for some answers to my specific questions, but haven't found anything exact, so I figured I'd ask here and perhaps someone might give me some 411.

    I'm currently running a BB Tour using BIS on Sprint. I have 2 mailboxes using IMAP from Godaddy.com.

    I know BIS doesn't have the ability to synchronize folders, so I've been looking for alternatives. I have LogicMail, but it's just "meh." I've seen around this Astrasync, and just curious if this might be the answer to my problems.

    First, can it work with Godaddy IMAP mail (non-Exchange)?
    Does it work side-by-side with the native BlackBerry mail clients I use? (I'd rather Astrasync just to check an old filed email, if needed.)

    I'm sure there are more questions I have, just depends on the answers I hope to get.

    Thanks in advance!
    12-15-09 07:12 PM