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    Email is one of the important part on BB.
    and I believe we also need third party email app.

    Some of the reason Why use third party email clients?

    Separate personal from business
    Makes it possible to have a personal Inbox from your regular BlackBerry Inbox used for business.
    Access to features normally not provided
    For example, the ability to access GMAIL labels. Or the ability to do IMAP IDLE. These features are not provided by BIS or BES.
    Keep less important emails non-push
    Not everyone wants push email. Less important emails such as those sent to your GMAIL address, can be separated into a separate Inbox that doesn't alert you. (There are ways to configure this with BIS, but you do get better GMAIL integration with GMAIL Mobile, for example)
    Use for Non-BlackBerry Data Plans

    some of the solutions
    GMAIL Mobile
    Gmail for mobile

    Yahoo GO! Client
    Yahoo! for Mobile. Your favorite Yahoo! services, on your phone.
    Consilent PUSH
    Funambol (open source)
    Mobile Open Source: Open Source BlackBerry :: by Fabrizio Capobianco

    LogicMail IMAP client
    (J2ME compatible with BlackBerry)
    LogicMail for BlackBerry

    Which one do you use it, and why ?
    05-23-10 12:42 AM