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    Here's something for business strategists and probably anyone else too:

    Chinese mastermind Sun Tsu's famous work "The Art of War", translated by Lionel Giles, now edited and formatted for easy reading on mobile phones. This is NOT just a simple converted copy of the public-domain text; a lot of time was put into carefully editing, renumbering, and reformatting the book to make it both readable and navigable from a small viewing window.

    A hyper-linked table of contents is included.

    The many lists that Sun Tzu presents have now been reformatted as indented vertical lists (numbered or bulleted), whereas in the original the items were just separated by semicolons in a single long line that wrapped randomly, making it difficult to scan or comprehend the contents of the list.

    The only structure labeling in the original translation was chapter and verse, with every sentence numbered sequentially. In this new edition, the sequence of the original text is the same, but the intra-chapter labeling has been completely revised and now reflects the structure of the meaning of the text. This makes it easier to follow and remember where you are in the overall structure, while reading with only a very small window of the text visible at once.

    Some especially archaic language and grammar has been corrected to modern English to facilitate easy reading and understanding. Part of the benefit of a book is being able to discuss it with others, and with this edition you won't sound silly repeating something like, "if your opponent is choleric tempered, seek to irritate him". In this edition it's "hot-tempered".

    However, the structure and meaning of the original translation has been preserved. Edits have been made sparingly where clearly beneficial, but the text has not been changed anywhere just for the sake of editing.

    Requires free MobiPocket Reader or other eBook reader that supports the .prc format.

    Book is just 73k and resides on your media card, not internal memory. If you download OTA the installer app can be deleted after it creates the book on the media card, freeing up internal memory.

    Screenshot samples of the text here: Product Page

    Available for all devices and platforms (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Symbian, WinMo, Palm, PC). It's also fine to view on a larger screen or print with the improved numbering & formatting (just transfer the .prc file to your computer and download the free MobiPocket Reader or other reader). Please be kind to CB and get it from the CB store; you can download the desktop versinon and transfer the file to any device. But if you must get it over the air, OTA download available for all devices.
    04-30-10 02:02 PM
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    At least for the first week or two of May, this eBook (and also the Army Weight Control Program) include the multi-app bundle Jam for free when purchased as a bundle. In total that's 15-19 apps plus an eBook, for US$0.99.

    Granted none of them are killer apps like BerryBuzz or QuickLaunch, but for that price and just over 700k total for Jam plus The Art of War, maybe it's worth getting while you have the chance.

    (The Weight Control eBook is, unfortunately, itself not very light -- about 1.5M -- but that resides on your media card after installed.)

    Bundles are viewable in the mobile version of the CB store.
    05-03-10 03:10 PM