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    I bought the app " E-Mobile 'Homescreen screen new email number icon indicator' from App World.

    It is an app that has a new default message icon that numerically shows how many unread emails you have on the new message icon.

    At first, all was well. Now it just show 5 unread emails. I have none. I have scoured all email accs / battery pull / deleted & reinstalled the app to no avail, now have run out of ideas.

    I've emailed the developer a few times but no replies. Also I've noticed their Twitter acc has been closed.

    Any ideas please
    08-29-12 10:29 AM
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    8 days after emailing E-mobile software several times & still no reply. Seems the developer is a hands off person after you've paid up.

    Its surprising as they have plenty of smart premium paid apps in their portfolio.
    09-03-12 05:55 PM